How does it work

Synati is a comprehensive customer counting system that allows you to conduct analyses and keep statistics of the number of customers entering your points of sale.

You can check the traffic in all your branches anywhere and anytime with a computer, mobile phone or a tablet. The data is available in real time, thanks to this your decisions can be flexible and tailored to everyday conditions. Synati includes the Sentry sensor – the first in the world battery-powered thermal sensor, MagicHUB control unit – data concentrator guaranteeing full safety of your data and an analytical platform providing clear and convenient form of data presentation.

Customer counting system can be configured in minutes, and the installation is done without any wiring. Unassisted installation saves you up to 70% of installation costs. Just turn the device on and stick the sensor in a suitable place above the door. All the elements needed for assembly are included in the set you have ordered, follow the instructions and we will take care of the rest! Enjoy a wireless, autonomous people counting system by analysing many parameters important for the running of your business through a comfortable on-line platform.

customer counting system

Thanks to cooperation with us you gain

visitor analytics
  • a wireless plug&play system
  • the possibility of unassisted installation limiting your implementation costs down to 70%
  • automatic, self-calibrating sensor
  • best counting efficiency on the market
  • discrete and invisible to customers
  • the sensor protects the privacy of customers
  • quick deployment even in a large number of sites
  • possibility of installation in just a few minutes
visitor analytics
  • completely automated operation
  • continuous operation even without access to the Internet
  • the easiest installation on the market
  • results available in full on-line
  • safety warranty (SSL connection)
  • privacy guarantee (GDPR compliant)
  • reliability guarantee
  • 8GB of built-in memory for data storage.

Get to know the customer counting system

Get easy, constant access to information on traffic in all your sites, and see how your operational decisions change your business.

Our visitor analytics system is a powerful analytical tool targeted at the retail sector. Thanks to our service you can make business decisions based on hard data. The delivered solution develops along with your needs, allowing you to build a scalable business. Customer counting system allows for a broad data analysis including generation of charts with the number of entries, comparison of several selected locations on a single chart or summary of entries juxtoposed against weather conditions.

Apart from presenting the data, the visitor analytics system also enables to exchange data between authorized users. You can authorise employees that will be able to view reports and data visualization from specified devices. The customer counting system presents rainfall and temperature in the given period for a specific location.

Thanks to this, you can easily expand the scope of the analysed data. The people counting system is also a module for automatic conversion calculation. It operates on the basis of the number of receipts/invoices issued during a selected time period. The system is protected against external factors – in case of disconnection you will receive a notification via email. Possibility of automatic data export to any external software via REST API.


Get a real view of the store’s efficiency

Customer counting system functionalities

  • See how your most important business data changes in any period.
  • Compare data from different periods and the effectiveness of individual locations.
  • Get information on the conversion factor that result in the profit of your store. Review, analyse and download data from the cloud at any chosen period.
  • Supply your own business analysis tools via REST API service.
  • Invite unlimited number of users while keeping control over access based on their roles within the organization.
  • Generate charts at selected resolution for the selected time period.
  • Share results with other users.
  • Compare traffic count results with external factors such as: rain, cloud cover, temperature. Automatically calculate conversion.
  • Analyse results on desktop and mobile devices.
  • Use access to results via REST API.
  • Connect an unlimited number of devices to a single user account.
  • Set disconnection alerts in the form of an e-mail.
  • Monitor data correctness in real time 24/7/365.
  • Define the system work schedule independently for each location.
  • Generate selected type of reports (XLS, CSV, JSON, XML).

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Innovative customer counting system

Synati is nothing but a system that counts people who pass through the thresholds of your store.

In other words it is called a customer counting system or visitor analytics system. The installation responsible for people counting is located above the entrance door of the tested object. customer counting system protects you and your clients privacy. Its size allows you to make discreet analysis of the frequency of visits. Readings from Synati people counting system will allow you to collect and use the necessary information regarding visits of potential customers, their preferred time of day, rush hour, the correlation between weather conditions and store visits. All of this has a huge impact on your future marketing strategies that you will undertake in order to increase your receipts and broaden your horizons. If you have more than one branch, we have some good news for you – the customer counting system works on several levels simultaneously. It generates transparent charts, enables quick comparison of the traffic in several premises selected by you on an on-line analytical platform.


Visitor analytics

All necesasry data from visitor analytics system

From our customer counting system, you will be able to collect all the necessary data. The customer counting system allows you to check history in any date range. Visitor analytics effectively illustrates which location is the best. The people counting system may be shared with others and you may be able to connect devices to one user account. Improve statistics in retail and create your own work schedule system. If you still do not understand how people counting system works – we will be happy to personally explain everything to you so that you would understand how our system works. We want to assure you that we will take care of your new path to success.

customers counting
conversions calculate

Many areas of observation

Research on sales effectiveness in stores can be divided into several separate areas of analysis and observation. All of this is very significant later, when comes the time to draw general conclusions and insights. Remember, that proper marketing efforts will increase the turnover of the store and more effective sales results will be a new stage of your sales activity. We all strive to provide good products that meet the needs of our customers. We are constantly improving our people counting system, because we want to welcome back customers who once trusted our brand and now return. Research carried out for such purposes includes areas like visitor analytics.