Measurement of movement in the store

The first and most important thing when analyzing the frequency of visits is store movement measurement. Our system enables you to collect as much information as possible about your customers. It is one of the most efficient footfall analytics device ever created.

When your customers decide to come to your store, you will be able to measure how much time they spend in your store, in which departments, alleys and parts of the store they spend the biggest amount of time and whether they come back to you again. Maybe some of them would recommend the store to their friends, while others may warn against entering it. All these factors affect the store movement measuring. You need to discover the sources of previously mentioned data so that later analysis of the effectiveness of marketing campaigns will bring the expected results. The store traffic analysis is carried out automatically using a synati sensor. It has 8GB of built-in memory, which allows for a long cooperation with the device and months of in-store analytics. The device provides all quantitative information, which gives you access to data:

About conversion rate
What time of the day is the most popular with your consumers to visit your store
What time of the day is least busy
What is the impact of atmospheric factors on movement in store

Synati liczniki

Footfall analytics

If you already know the essence of store traffic analysis you should look at the devices designed for such measurement.

Our people counter is one of the most innovative devices around the world among sensors of this type. The MagicHUB is responsible for securing data storage (in accordance with the provisions of the GDPR). The footfall analytics system is connected to an online analytical platform operated by the owner of the sensor. He is capable of adjusting the data in a convenient and legible way. The store traffic analysis system works without an internet connection.


Store movement measuring

After purchasing our footfall analytics system and collecting traffic data you should analyze your customers.

Store movement measuring should not only include how many people enter the store. Such data is too general, and as the definition of analysis says, you have to break down these data into factors – that can be answers; who our clients are and how old they are. What do they like and are afraid of? What do they pay special attention to and what does not matter to them? Are they loyal and give positive feedback about the store? Are there customers who visit the store several times a day? What are their shopping motives and why do they shop with you and not your competitors. Which location suits them best. Why is your location favorable or weak? Can anything else be done to increase sales and store frequency?

wireless people counter

In-store analytics

After answering these questions, you will be able to create an overall picture of your store’s position on the goods and services market. It may result in expanding knowledge about the store’s opportunities and choosing the right message that will reach your customers. Because of Synati you will be able to conduct footfall analytics. Store movement analysis is an introduction to the next stage, which is the analysis of the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

analiza ruchu w sklepie określana za pomocą narzędzi od Synati
sprawdź jak wygląda twoja analiza skuteczności akcji marketingowych

Analysis of the effectiveness of marketing campaigns

The analysis of traffic in the store is now behind you. It is the best time to talk about specific marketing activities you may undertake in order to increase visits to the facility. How marketing campaigns may help to increase the range of the store? There are many good answers to this question and it depends strictly on the marketing unit of your sales point. It can be a broadly understood campaign to inform customers about the existence of a brand, a promotional campaign aimed at attracting as many people as possible to the place of sale. Introduction of loyalty programs. There is a lot of customers that may come back because of loyalty programs. You should also take care of your image on the internet. There are many possibilities. The analysis of the effectiveness of marketing campaigns focuses on drawing conclusions from the actions taken. Compare the results and check if the measurement of the traffic in the store has changed. The synati system helps us in this specific field, as it gives the ability to compare readings in any time range.