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wireless people counter

Combine all your points of sale into a single people counting system and calculate conversions

Install our wireless customer counter system at any location in just a few minutes and start collecting accurate data.

– quick assembly
– plug & play system
– save up to 70% of traditional fitting cost
conversions calculate

Analyse data using a computer or a mobile device

Access to your data from anywhere in a convenient form

– globally available data
– access data via REST API
– advanced functions available on the platform
wireless people counter

React faster to emerging trends with people counting system

Take rational steps based on the information obtained

– analyse the effectiveness of marketing actions in real time
– calculate the conversion and verify staff involvement
– optimize employment.
wireless customer counter

Check premises attractiveness before renting

Verify the effectiveness of your points of sale

– check the conversion of visitors to passers by
– verify the attractiveness of localization
– check interest in the storefront.

Get data from each point of sale with wireless customer counter

Wireless customer counter enables you to collect and compare the most important data in order to better understand your customers. Make effective business decisions based on hard data, using precise information about the traffic in your stores. Information and analysis are available on an analytical platform enabling automatic data export to any external software using the REST API.

conversions calculate
wireless customer counter

Focus on the goal of your brand

Optimize traffic in your points of sale for profit. Thanks to data analytics you can separate working solutions from ineffective ones. All this so that customers return to your store! Calculate the conversion, verify successful marketing and quickly make key decisions that translate to the scalability and profitability of your business. All with our wireless customer counter.

Control the daily costs of business

Use wireless people counter to take rational steps based on the data received. Verify the effectiveness of your points on the sale including involvement of staff in sales. On the basis of the information obtained you will be able to adjust staff utilisation, implement an effective work schedule and limit remaining costs to a minimum.

customers counting
wireless people counter

Synati – wireless people counter

Are you running your own shop? Are you thinking about your position in the market? Is your store of interest to potential customers? How does all of this relate to effective sales?
If you keep asking yourself similar questions, it’s a sign that it’s time to take action. Counting customers when standing with a notebook at the entrance to the store is not an option. Who in their right mind will undertake such a waste of time having at their fingertips a wireless customer counter for Synati customers. Conducting analyzes is an important procedure in successful companies – it allows us to learn about our weaknesses and gives us the opportunity to move forward, improving what limits us. You may find out that maybe it’s the wrong location, the wrong selection of advertisements, not very attractive shop display. People counter provided by Synati will help you in the technical aspect of starting the analysis by automatically counting people passing through the threshold of your store.
Counting conversions, counting customers, counting people entering the store – let Synati work. We offer a sensor that securely focuses data, and all synati readings will be available to you online.

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